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Shield & Shade
Audiobook is

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Halo & Horn: The Ascended Guardians Series Book 2:

Introducing the second installment in the Ascended Guardians series, Halo & Horn, from the acclaimed US and International bestselling author of Shield & Shade. With Shield & Shade enjoying a top 100 spot in Canada’s Apple Bookstore, it’s no surprise that it’s been a top 100 bestseller in the US B&N (Nook) store. It even reached #1 on Kindle in the YA Paranormal/Fantasy category across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s also been in the top 100 bestsellers in Kobo too.

If you’re interested in reading more about this series, here is the synopsis for Halo & Horn: 

Picking up the pieces after a tragic loss ain’t easy.

As sixteen-year-old Zoey Taylor struggles with her grief over losing her brother, Peter, she finds it more challenging than ever to return to any semblance of “normal.” Besides recovering after a vicious demon attack and finding out her oldest brother, Corinth, is a Nephilim has thrown “normal” out the window. Things will never be the same again. 

Cruz Saldivar is right there with her. Work doesn’t feel the same anymore. School is only a footnote. What he really wants to do is train to be a warrior or an assassin. Except is he ready for that? Not according to Corinth Taylor. But it might be Cruz’s only choice when things start to pull him back into the supernatural world again. Train. Train hard or die. 

Threats that could lead to the apocalypse are mounting. After the last devastating attack, the angels might not be strong enough to stop it this time. 

World-ending perils always seem to be at the forefront when dealing with demons. 

Halo & Horn is the second book in the Ascended Guardians series, a high-octane paranormal YA thriller. If you like snarky heroines, good vs. evil, and friendships that yo-yo between love and hate, then Misty Hayes’ adrenaline rush of a story is for you!

Shield_and_Shade_Audiobook COVER.jpg

Shield & Shade: The Ascended Guardians Series Book 1:

It’s been over ten years since fifteen-year-old Zoey Taylor wandered away from her family home in the middle of the night. Or so she’s been told, repeatedly, by her mother—but the only thing Zoey knows for sure is that when her older brother, Corinth, found her in the woods, safe and unharmed, she returned with a crippling fear of the dark and no other memories from those lost days—except strange flashes of sharp teeth and red-flaming hair.


Since that time, she’s become a star pupil and is on track to graduate early … if, and that’s a big IF, her overprotective family doesn’t get in the way of her dreams first.


But when one of the wealthiest, enigmatic philanthropists on the planet—Gabriel Stanton—shows up on her doorstep on Thanksgiving Day and reveals the truth about what really happened to her all those years ago, it completely shatters her perception of the world.


And the story isn’t anything like what she’s been told.




The Ascended Guardians Series is a supernatural thrill-ride that never lets up.


Where to Purchase:

The Complete Blood Dagger Boxset

This digital boxset includes all three books in The Blood Dagger series and contains over 1,400 pages of magic, heroism, and strong protagonists-perfect for fans of Mortal Instruments and the CW’s Supernatural.

Where to Purchase:

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