Mystical relics.
Powerful vampires.
Strange allies.

It's hell being a teenager, especially if you're being hunted by vampires.

Larna Collins has never understood why her dad skipped out on her and her mother when she was twelve years old. Until then, he was a devoted and loving father. But six years later, during a renovation of her childhood home, she unearths her father's journal from under a floorboard. According to his final entry before he left, he had recently visited a small parish in England. The entries drew her to this quaint village, which Larna discovers isn't as charming as its blood-craving inhabitants want her to believe, and she learns that she isn't the only one trying to track her father down.

Could this explain her father's disappearance? Or was placing her in the center of danger her dad's master plan all along?

The Outcasts is a bestselling, multi-award winning YA Fantasy.

Our literary awards are given to books and authors that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas.

"The Best Vampire Book Ever™
The Best Female Main Character in a Vampire Book Ever™

A vampire book with a bigger girl as a protagonist and is also seen as a desirable love interest? This is it. Right here.

I don’t have the right words to express how much I enjoyed The Outcasts. It was everything I’ve ever wanted to read for a long, long time. I loved the plot, the characters, and the villain (oh, yes, I love him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). I can’t wait to read volume two to see what happens next."

- Amazon Review


An upstart slayer.
A clan of vampires.
A world of trouble.

Eighteen-year-old Corinth Taylor didn't sign up to become a Watcher—an elite warrior destined to restore balance to the human race—he was chosen. Corinth can barely control his own hormones . . . much less the deadly blade. And to make matters worse, his best friend, Larna, just so happens to be the very thing he's supposed to eliminate.

But when vampires and slayer find a common enemy, Corinth knows it's his innate calling to hunt evil down. And evil has a name: Gabriel Stanton. The enigmatic vampire who escaped their capture, has plans for Corinth, Larna, and Alastair . . . and it's a threat they'll never see coming.

When the line between good and evil gets crossed, devastating consequences start to happen. As Watcher and vampire worlds collide, Corinth must decide where to place his trust: with his old allies or his killer instincts.

An upstart slayer. A clan of vampires. What could go wrong?

It's only the end of the world.

The Watchers is the second book in The Blood Dagger series, a high-octane paranormal YA thriller. If you like witty heroines, unconventional relationships, and friendships that can withstand the grave, then you'll love Misty Hayes' high-stakes story.

Sink your teeth into a fun, fierce vampire series today.

"I just finished The Watchers, second book of the blood dagger series, and could absolutely not put it down. The rich characters, masterfully woven stories, and other worldly settings became my guilty pleasure that I longed to get back to every time. I can't wait for the next installment!"

- Amazon Review

The first vampire. 

The last Nephilim. 

The end of a saga.

The epic battle between angel and vampire begins in this third installment in the Blood Dagger series. 

Larna, still reeling after losing the love of her life, has only one mission in mind: kill the vampires responsible for Alastair’s death. Sarah and Caesar. 

But things aren’t so cut and dry anymore when friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into friends. Trusting Gabriel Stanton, the leader of one of the most powerful vampire clans in the world, might just be enough to cause his downfall by her hands. 


Especially since Larna has the worst kind of history with him—the killing-your-father kind.

Ever since Corinth’s meeting with a group of all-powerful angels calling themselves the Grigori went awry, things aren’t looking up for him. After he was almost stabbed to death, Alastair Iszler, Corinth’s brother-in-arms, heroically stepped in to save Corinth’s life, thereby sacrificing his own in the process and turning Corinth into a vampire.

With the Grigori’s plan at world domination coming into fruition, can they all pull together in time to stop the threat?

Find out in the last and most action-packed novel in the Blood Dagger series. It will not disappoint.  A must-read from start to finish.


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