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Kindle Vella Has Arrived


Look what's finally here!!!!! I am so flipping excited to share this with you. Also, just a note, I wanted to thank you for joining me on this little adventure called writing.

YOU all inspire me.

These last few months, I’ve been writing a story on Kindle Vella (serialized episodes)—where you can buy coins for each episode you like. This platform is cool because you can read author notes and comments after each serial or chapter (Note: I believe it ends up costing about the same as an ebook, depending on word count). Because this is a new platform, and I'm experimenting with a brand-new story, I have no idea how this will be received. The first three episodes are free if you’d like to dip your toes in, but you’re just not sure about Vella yet, or at all. Episodes are posted every Sunday.

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

A little about this YA Paranormal story:

How do you solve a murder when everyone thinks you're crazy? Being plagued by a ghost that only you can see and hear will do that to you. Nineteen-year-old Bailey should never have gotten into the car with her boyfriend, Jude, the night of the party. Now he's gone, she's got a traumatic brain injury, and oh yeah, she can suddenly see dead people. Jude is one of them. Too bad the only person willing to help doesn't believe the supernatural exists. Until Bailey becomes a target herself. If you happen to like what you read, I hope you let me know. As always, kind regards, - Misty

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