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Listening to a book is not only just as good as reading it, sometimes it's even better.

The incredibly talented Cliff Miller (@onemoremiller on Instagram) doing his narrator thing reading the part of Alastair in SHIELD & SHADE. The female parts are read by Meg Price, who is equally as talented as Cliff. I really enjoyed listening to both of them breathe life into each and every character.

What's your fave part of an audiobook?

When you have two magnificent actors who have an ability to narrate exactly what you, as the author, were hoping to bring across in the written word is pretty incredible.

Cliff Miller also stars in the short film I directed DAWN—he’s won some awards for it—which is still in the film festival circuit!

Thank you for bringing this to life!!! If you’d like to listen to the entire audiobook, you can visit the link here.

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