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New Year. New Reads. Better 2021.

Hello there!

Did you go screaming into 2021 like a crazed banshee? Or did you quietly tiptoe into it, like a church mouse? I was the latter. I didn't even want to look it in the eye. No sense in startling it. 2021 is like an overexcited chihuahua in that respect. We all need to take it slowly.

I wanted to just take a minute and breathe this moment in. We made it. You did it. If you're reading this, you're alive, and still with me.

I am so honored and humbled to have been interviewed by Fort Worth Magazine. The Outcasts was recommended on their 2021 reading list, and I couldn't be prouder.

To check out their full article, go here.

Thanks for checking it out and supporting Fort Worth Magazine. I truly appreciate their support as well. If you want to get further updates from me, I'd love to have you join my newsletter.

Shield & Shade is coming for preorder January 21, 2021! I am soooo over the moon to share this new book with you.


It’s been over ten years since fifteen-year-old Zoey Taylor wandered away from her family home in the middle of the night. Or so she’s been told, repeatedly, by her mother—but the only thing Zoey knows for sure is that when her older brother, Corinth, found her in the woods, safe and unharmed, she returned with a crippling fear of the dark and no other memories from those lost days—except strange flashes of sharp teeth and red-flaming hair.

Since that time, she’s become a star pupil and is on track to graduate early … if and that’s a big IF her overprotective family doesn’t get in the way of her dreams first.

But when one of the wealthiest, enigmatic philanthropists on the planet—Gabriel Stanton—shows up on her doorstep on Thanksgiving Day, and reveals the truth about what really happened to her all those years ago, it completely shatters her perception of the world.

And the story isn’t anything like what she’s been told.

For fans of STORM AND FURY and MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. The Ascended Guardians series is a supernatural thrill-ride that never lets up.

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