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Tree of Souls: Volume Three is coming ... December 2019

The first vampire.

The last Nephilim.

The end of a saga.

You don't want to miss out on this next and last adventure ...

I absolutely cannot wait to share Tree of Souls: Volume three with everyone. I know some of might be on pins and needles waiting to find out what happened after that cliffhanger in The Watchers: Volume Two.

Get ready, folks, the ride only gets rockier from here. There will be more mayhem, action, and an emotional roller coaster of a ride you won't be able to forget. It. Has. All. Been. Leading. Up. To. This. Things aren’t so cut and dry anymore when friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into friends.

Volume Three coming December 2019. Follow my newsletter for more updates, a cover reveal for TREE OF SOULS and freebies and swag: Sign up for our mailing list to keep in touch:

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