Writing to Help Others 🤗🤗


Sometimes in life you just need a hug 🤗 to make you feel better—no advice, no words, just a hug. So this is me sending y’all some love. A virtual hug, if you will.

If you had planned on attending Leaves Book and Tea Shop for their Afternoon with Authors event on March 22, 2020, at 2:00 PM (CENTRAL TIME), don’t come in person—because I’ll still see you online at the same time!

Let’s rock this, everyone!

The good news is, it makes it easier for those of you who may have wanted to attend but couldn’t have before. I can’t wait, this means that all of you folks will see me in a virtual setting.I’m super excited!

Please please please join me! Make some tea in solidarity, or whatever suits your fancy.

In support of actions being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and also with the desire to help people continue to stay connected, Leaves Book and Tea shop are hosting an online discussion with four local authors this Sunday afternoon. Please join us online by clicking the following link, and using the password: authors. https://zoom.us/j/265465748?pwd=c2xxdFNmVlc3Z3Q1RGVtZzRwUm5kZz09 You may turn off the video at any time, or to simply call in, us