The Outcasts


When Larna Collins finds her father’s journal hidden away under the floor, it leads her to a small village in England — inhabited by vampires and full of deadly secrets… Dive into this page-turning paranormal suspense novel that kicks off a series!

Mystical relics. 

Powerful vampires. 

Strange allies.

It’s hell being a teenager, especially if you’re being hunted by vampires. 

Larna Collins has never understood why her dad skipped out on her and her mother when she was twelve years old. Until then, he was a devoted and loving father. But six years later, during a renovation of her childhood home, she unearths her father’s journal from under a floorboard. According to his final entry before he left, he had recently visited a small parish in England. The entries drew her to this quaint village, which Larna discovers isn’t as charming as its blood-craving inhabitants want her to believe, and she learns that she isn’t the only one trying to track her father down. 


Could this explain her father’s disappearance? Or was placing her in the center of danger her dad’s master plan all along?


The Outcasts is a bestselling, multi-award winning YA Fantasy. 


“The Best Vampire Book Ever™. The Best Female Main Character in a Vampire Book Ever™. A vampire book with a bigger girl as a protagonist and is also seen as a desirable love interest? This is it. Right here.” - Amazon


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